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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Apple Panic: Problems in 3D Sensor and Charging iPhone 8 Wireless

As the iPhone 8's launch date approaches, Cupertino's designers and engineers begin to work hard to solve certain software problems in their next flagship to avoid delays, according to Fast Company.

Citing a source with knowledge of the situation, the Web ensures that Apple has panicked because they are encountering difficulties that could cause the launch of their flagship does not include certain features that seem fundamental.

Problems with wireless charging

The first of these is the inductive wireless load . Months ago we know that several 2017 iPhone models will include inductive wireless charging.

However, it has been known for days that Apple would be planning to sell the load dock separately and perhaps later to launch the iPhone 8 , specifically the hand of the update iOS 11.1. Surprising this fact since wireless charging per se is not a novel technology and should not cost too much to deploy , however Apple would be encountering software problems.

Problems with the 3D sensor

But Apple also would be having enough problems with the 3D sensor integrated in the front camera . A key feature, since everything points to the iPhone 8 would not include Touch ID in exchange for being replaced by facial recognition , but without the 3D sensor running reliably, it would not be possible. Likewise, it is speculated that the problem is software that implements it and not hardware.

However, they are more optimistic in this regard and are expected to arrive on time . But if not, Apple's solution is to integrate the 3D sensor and polish its performance later, in future updates. In any case, it is believed that Apple would even bet to integrate the Touch ID under the screen and that it would be a matter of weeks to achieve.

The iPhone 8, a challenge

However, with less than three months of its launch, Apple should be very advanced in its production process and all these problems should have been solved long ago. So let's assume it's just speculation or smaller problems than they seem .

In any case, the iPhone 8 is the most anticipated terminal of the year, but a headache for Apple ... which may be higher even if the predictions that predict a sales lower than the iPhone 6 cycle are met.

Via | MacRumors

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