Apple Park construction in July 2017 -


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Friday, 14 July 2017

Apple Park construction in July 2017

The latest foreign media has taken Dron, fly and take photos and videos Apple Park 4K resolution last July to see.

Apple Park

Matthew Roberts posted an overview video of Apple's new Apple Park construction in July 2017 with 4K resolution DANA. The progress of the construction is as follows.

Apple Park construction progress in July 2017

  • The mother ship building (headquarters) is almost 100% complete with solar panels.
  • The mother ship building has been completely assembled. Some interior can be seen.
  • The area within the circle of the mother ship building. More trees were planted, the fountain was started. And construction of roads and paths
  • The Steve Jobs Theater building is completed. The interior can be seen clearly.
  • The surrounding area of ​​Apple Park began to grow larger trees. And there was a clearing area for the road.

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