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Monday, 24 July 2017

Apple patents a new method to save your life

This week Apple has released a new patent that will allow users to call authorities in an emergency situation . It would be a very efficient method that could save more than one life.

The patent describes a method by which a user could use his finger to touch the iPhone screen using a "panic command" . This tactile gesture would be associated to an emergency call SOS to 911 (United States) or 112 (Spain).

As a panic command we could understand that it could be a tactile gesture or a combination of taps on the screen . We have already seen how the company implemented a system whereby users could press 5 times on the lock button on the iPhone to call for emergencies.

The command would send the location automatically

The patent was published on July 18 at the US Patent and Trademark Office, but was requested years ago (in 2013).

According to this patent, although smartphones have access to emergency calls on the lock screen, this method of contacting the authorities is much more effective since it prevents an attacker from canceling the call.

We know how useful this emergency function can be on mobile devices. There are many stories circulating on the Internet that details how Apple products have managed to save people's lives.

As with most cases of Apple ideas carried out as patents, we must take the news with some skepticism, there is no guarantee that this technology will be implemented in the company's iPhone (or iPad) Of the apple bitten. And even more considering that the company has already added a method for emergency calls in iOS 10.2.

Source | IDropNews

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