Apple presents its particular plan renew: your mobile by an iPhone -


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Friday, 7 July 2017

Apple presents its particular plan renew: your mobile by an iPhone

So you want an iPhone, eh? Either because you're tired of your Android or because your iPhone has already lived its greatest glory days , the reality is that getting you a last-minute iPhone is a very important investment and is not within reach of all budgets. To facilitate this task, at Apple have proposed to make a kind of plan renew , yes, Apple-style ... you know, as when they lowered the Apple Pencil a whopping $ 14 .

And is that with this Plan renew you can achieve up to € 270 discount when buying an iPhone simply by giving them a fully functional smartphone . At that time they will give you a discount that you can use when buying your new iPhone. In addition, you can do it in a physical Apple Store and get the discount instantly or do it through the Apple website, where after completing a form with the data of your terminal, they will calculate its value and when they receive it, they will give you a Apple Store Gift Card. Easy, simple and for the whole family .

This is the value that Apple gives to your terminals

The only problem that we find are the appraisals of Apple, which are harder and lower than those of the pawnshop . Attentive to the discounts because Rick, they seem fake ...

  • IPhone 5: € 50
  • IPhone 5c: € 45
  • IPhone 5s: € 80
  • IPhone SE: € 170
  • IPhone 6: € 175
  • IPhone 6 Plus: € 215
  • IPhone 6s: € 235
  • IPhone 6s Plus: € 270

Obviously, these values ​​are orientative and in any case constitute a maximum value, which we assume will be granted if your terminal is with scarcely any footprints and with little life. But you will agree with me that having an iPhone 6s Plus with less than a year and giving you less than 300 euros is a bit disappointing, which will surely lead many to continue betting on second-hand selling on other channels .

Via | Official Apple website

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