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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Apple vs European Commission: United States prepares to intervene

Apple is an international company, and therefore it is normal that it is involved from time to time in legal problems against other big companies. - Yes, Samsung, we are talking about you. However, today we are talking about the European Commission itself. Yes, Apple has been in high demand lately.

The people of Cupertino have put a heavy hand in this matter and have decided to go to court to solve this problem once and for all . Other protagonists of this article, other than the EC, will be Ireland and the United States. Here we leave you everything you need to know.

Apple vs CE

Thanks to the news, we know how much money the members of the European Union enjoy. This time, the body plans to impose a penalty of no more than 13 billion dollars on Apple , which will have to be left in the account of the Government of Ireland.

It turns out that Apple has been paying less taxes than it should have to the government of that European country, something that did not go unnoticed before the European Commission. However, Ireland has openly refused to accept such payment, joining the Apple team in this legal battle , claiming that it is totally false that he has given special treatment to the Cupertino with taxes.

The United States and the European Union join the party

The United States already gave its point of view during the administration of Barack Obama , saying that it seemed detestable that the organ was so interested in obtaining money that had been won by an American country.

For this reason, those of Cupertino decided to take the case to the Court of Justice of the European Union , situation that is expected to take place once entered 2018.

There is still nothing clear, but it seems possible that the United States government ended up entering this legal battle between Apple and the European Commission . The case will be seen in courts in 2018, so there is still a bit to know the outcome.

Do you think the demand of the European Commission is fair? Leave us your comment!

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