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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Apple wants more responses to reviews on the App Store

In its official blog , Apple has highlighted a new customer service available on iTunes Connect. So the company wants to explain to developers how the feedback system works in the revamped App Store .

This new feature, as they mention from Apple, will be very useful for all those application developers who want to hire specialized staff for customer service when answering questions, comments, questions and concerns in the reviews of the App Store.

The functionality of the answers to the reviews of the App Store is available from iOS 10.3 , however, looking at the App Store is virtually impossible to find any response . That's why, precisely, Apple wants to improve the implementation of this iTunes Connect service.

Developers can assign review response via iTunes Connect

As we are informed from 9to5mac , developers will now have the possibility to assign their employees a role to respond to the reviews of the App Store in iTunes Connect.

Apple has announced that developers can assign "customer support experts" to respond to customer reviews in the mobile app store with this new feature of iTunes Connect.

Administrators of the developer team account can combine this with other roles. In addition, assigned users can access Resources and Help, Users and Roles, and My Apps in iTunes Connect.

Finally, from Apple indicate that developers (or assigned employees) can now go directly to the Reviews and Ratings section to respond to customer reviews.

There is no doubt that this new system of responses to reviews of the App Store in iTunes Connect will be an ideal means to improve the interaction between users and developers . Surely soon we see many more answers to our doubts in the App Store.

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