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Monday, 10 July 2017

Apple's 5 toughest enemies on the market

Apple has earned a place among the most important technology companies in the market for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops and other devices. But, unfortunately, it has also gained some enemies along the way ...

During the last 10 years the Cupertino firm has faced very tough situations: accusations, demands, technical problems, patents, public opinion, popular debates ... Fortunately, Apple has always managed to leave unscathed.

In this article we compiled entities and companies that have had problems of some sort with Apple . And there are not few!


Samsung is, by nature, Apple's most archenemy. Both companies have been suing each other for many years for patent infringement. And is that Samsung shamelessly copied the design of the iPhone . Apple has a large number of Android competitors in the smartphone market, but among them, Samsung is the most fearsome company.


Since the signing of Cupertino launched its service Apple Music, Spotify has become another of its main enemies. In fact, last year Spotify accused Apple of deliberately stopping the updates of its official application in the App Store.


Yes, even the FBI has had some trouble than another with Apple. In February 2016, the FBI asked Apple to unlock the iPhone from a terrorism case. Apple declined , pleading for the privacy of users. It all became a war led to public opinion, a war that seemed to win Apple. It takes a lot of courage to face the FBI ...

Probendi, Swatch and OMG Electronics

Of all this list of enemies, these are probably the "enemies" less known by fans of the apple bite. Before the launch of the first Apple Watch, everyone expected the company to call their "iWatch" smartwatch. But OMG Electronics went ahead patenting the term. OMG Electronics failed, then Swatch came to warn that it could cause confusion with its registered products . Finally, it was Probendi the company that patented the "iWatch" brand in 2008, and even threatened to sue Apple on its website.


To conclude, the last company to join this list of enemies of Apple has been Qualcomm. What is the problem? Well, from Qualcomm say that Apple has limited the performance of its processors . While Apple sued Qualcomm for excessive and unjustified charges . We'll see how the soap opera ends this time ...

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