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Friday, 7 July 2017

Apple's patented Face Recognition Ready for Mac

Previously, we have heard about the 3D camera in the iPhone 8, with the ability to recognize faces. In order to log in automatically without using the Touch ID (which is rumored to be removed) and latest patents, it seems that Apple plans to use it for future Macs.

Appel Patent Recognition Faces Ready for Mac

If you think that just "Unlock with face" like the cock features that have come from God lice you think wrong! Because Apple needs more than just plain unlocking. In the patent, it shows that it can be unlocked even as it sleeps. Through the Power Nap feature in the machine.

What can Power Nap do?

  • Get new messages
  • Update address list
  • Update calendar
  • Update reminder
  • Update a note
  • Updated documents stored on iCloud.
  • Update image stream
  • Find my mac
  • The VPN-based workstation still works to update corporate email securely.
  • Mobile device management can lock and wipe data remotely.

In conclusion, your Mac camera will work to scan your face all the time. Using at least one image sensor and calculation, such as the use of skin color detection parameters, face detection parameters, and motion detection parameters. To determine if the user exists in that row

Source - 9to5mac

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