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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Bad news: Vodafone will give you the data of Facebook and Spotify

If you are a Vodafone customer, keep this name: Vodafone Pass . This is a bonus whose customers can start hiring since yesterday that will allow you to save a huge amount of megas of your data rate since it excludes from consumption some of the most used and traditionally considered the most voracious apps in this regard, we We refer to social networks as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or streaming music services like Spotify or Apple Music.

Vodafone Pass is offered as an additional complement available for two trends, that of social networks and music, whose prices are 3 and 5 euros respectively that you can purchase in addition to your traditional rate. Both add-ons include:

Social Pass : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tinder, Flickr and Tumblr.
  • Music Pass : Apple Music, Spotify, Napster, SoundCloud and Deezer.

For us to understand, if you have a rate of 8GB of data and contract the Social Pass, it does not matter if you hit the day on Facebook because that data will not count. To sign up simply enter the Mi Vodafone app or call 1444. Of course, customers with mini Voice rates, mini XS and the prepaid Yuser and Superyuser are excluded from this offer.

Why is Vodafone Pass bad news?

This new strategy of Vodafone violates full net neutrality , a controversial issue that are combating telecommuters, users, regulators and all that is in the past years, as it discriminates and favors a number of platforms above Of others, constituting a hard barrier to the entrance to new services that obviously will not be able to compete against the great, already settled and who also enjoy preferential treatment. So, if you develop an app similar to Spotify tomorrow, it is very difficult that you can get over it.

In addition, although a priori as a user you can feel favored, this series of measures favors the strong by fostering an oligopoly that in the medium or long term can directly affect the consumer with an increase in tariffs against which there is no real competition that Improve service or differentiate.

Although the European Union is clear in its article 3 on the net neutrality, in Spain a report on how the sector is still not been elaborated , something that Vodafone has taken advantage to launch its seductive Vodafone Pass. Also, from the English telecommunication ensures that it has been a generic listing and that they are open to any user or app that requests it can be integrated into similar programs.

Via | Vodafone

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