Calimocho, chapelas and pinchos: the Basque emoji arrive -


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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Calimocho, chapelas and pinchos: the Basque emoji arrive

A few weeks ago we told you that Siri, or rather, the voice in Spanish of the virtual assistant of Apple, is bizkaina and is called Iratxe Gómez . Yes friends, a Basque of pure strain to obey our orders, there is nothing. But it is not the only Basque that we are going to find in our iPhone and is that 4 Basques have bundled the txapela to the head and have been to design Basque emoticonos . The eukalmojis arrive!

And is that its creation consists of an app that allows to integrate these Basque emoji in the main messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram; And social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. So if you have been scarce with the emoticons that come by default or just do not feel yours, you will always have a much more alternative to the house.

In this app we can find more than 60 emojis of popular Basque folklore , including emotions, popular festivals of Euskal Herria and its main football teams: Athletic, Real Sociedad, Alaves, Osasuna, and Eibar.

As it could not be less in any Basque creation, we also find the gastronomy. And is that if there is no territory in the world with the highest concentration of Michelin stars, how could they not have food emoji? If in Unicode they worry about foods as mainstream as the avocado, the Basques are more traditional, more of all the life: pintxos, talo or a very cool Kalimotxo .

Likewise, the popular Euskaldun symbology has not been left behind : Ikurriña, egukizklore, Lauburu, Sirimiri, Dantzaris ... Of course, we can not forget the expressions that should not be missing in the lexicon of every good Basque from the "Zorionak "To the" aiba la ostia! ".

If after reading this you get long teeth lasai because you can find them for both iOS and Android , no smartphone should stay behind in this original adventure. In addition, its creators promise to update with more fundamental emojis for the life of a Basque.


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