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Monday, 3 July 2017

Can we use the iPhone 10 years ago in 2017?

The 29th of June was the tenth anniversary of Apple's flagship: The iPhone. This great phone forever changed the telephony industry to the best . Since then, almost all mobile manufacturers began to make their phones with a large screen and virtually no buttons.

The iPhone ** of 2007 was a very futuristic phone for the time, even though its camera was very low resolution and lacked the front camera. This phone charmed the public by the attention to detail and in 2008 by the appearance of the App Store.

The terminal also fulfilled perfectly when surfing the internet. It was very comfortable to navigate any website and very powerful at the time of doing so , loading pages as any computer at the time.

Is it still working today?

If you've taken good care of it and saved it, of course it will continue to work today. The correct question is: Is the operating system level still useful? And the quick response is a resounding no .

In 2007 the iPhone was one of the greatest technological innovations in the history of computing. Today it is a very difficult to use . The loudspeaker and the microphone that incorporates this phone have a very bad sound. 2G technology is very slow to surf the internet because the current web pages are heavier than those of 2007. The quality of the camera is really low even compared to the terminals of the time.

To this we must add that practically no application continues to function. All or most of the applications you use have become obsolete and no longer work . Including the mythical YouTube built in iOS that Apple eliminated in 2012 . However, the App Store works, but all applications require an iOS version higher than the maximum of this iPhone .

Without a doubt, the 2007 iPhone was a great terminal that changed the history of mobile phones forever. Still is not a good idea to continue using it, right now only serves to call and make some photo with very poor quality .

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