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Monday, 17 July 2017

Celullarline Antenna, protect and have better coverage on your iPhone 7

We are in summer and many of us will be on vacation already. Although the beach is still the favorite destination of Spaniards to spend the summer, we are also many who prefer to go to the mountains or the village of our parents, a village lost in some province where the mobile coverage a leaves much to be desired . If you are in this last situation, the product that we are going to present you today will come to you of pearls. We are talking about a cellularline case that has the added value of increasing the coverage of your iPhone 7 in a very simple way, its name is cellularline antenna . But how does it work? We are going to tell you.

Cellularline Antenna, this is your financing

Cellularline Antenna is a product that allows the extension of the smartphone antenna and the improvement of signal reception. And the good thing about all this is this improvement is achieved with a simple housing for your iPhone 7.

With just open the web cover brings your case you can get the maximum extension of the antenna and reception area, capturing the signal when it is particularly weak, which reduces the continuous search of the signal. The good thing is that besides obtaining an improvement of the signal received by your iPhone 7 also you will get a reduction of the battery consumed by the same one.

According to the manufacturer's own tests the reception of the signal by the phone increases by 57%. In our tests we have not been able to gauge to this point the improvement that we have undergone, but if we can tell you that in situations where the coverage of the iPhone had a single point it has come to have three. That is to say we are facing a great improvement.

Also it is necessary to emphasize that the use of the antenna does not increase the power of the signal emitted by the iPhone 7 and that therefore it is completely safe to use it, as much as if we did not have the cellularline case installed. Nor have we noticed that interference occurs with the wifi signal or the Bluetooth signal of the terminal.

ANTENNA is now available for the iPhone 6s / 6 and also for the iPhone 7. Our tests have been made using an iPhone 7.

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