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Friday, 14 July 2017

Current apps are full of problems

10 years ago that Apple launched its iPhone, marking a before and after in the market of mobile phones. Just a year later, they presented the App Store, a platform in which to find all the software that we could imagine and that turned a simple phone into a multifunctional tool, although what is now far from its beginnings.

A decade later, we can find thousands of apps on both the App Store and Google Play - which has a much looser entry barrier, allowing apps considered to be potentially dangerous or infringing on intellectual property, campen their Wide - and even computers have their own apps stores.

In the world of apps and given the broad spectrum that exists, it is clear that for tastes, colors . However and although today's applications have nothing to do with the pioneers in reaching the App Store, they are not exempt from problems, although different. Hence, apart from the price - probably the first criterion of the majority - we choose one or the other depending on its design, interface, experience of use, bugs ... But apart from that, current apps per se suffer from A particular problem.

Excess notifications

Yes, an app notifies you when your parking time is up or that a message has arrived is fine, what's more, it's even the reason for the app. But when throughout the day you receive hundreds of warnings about things as small and absurd as that so-and-so has just joined the app, that two days ago you do not play or that menganito has published content after a long time ... well no.

It is not always necessary to notify everything and sometimes, we simply overwhelmed and ended up wiping the app out of notifications. It is true that in many cases it is a matter of configuring the warnings properly, but in others the app does not allow the differentiation between important notices and silly warnings.

Excess updates

The updates are great : besides solving bugs and security cracks, they offer us new and interesting functions, a new design much more current ... well, sometimes, others simply worsen the application.

But sometimes we ask ourselves, do we need so many updates, so frequent and so heavy? We talk about such blatant and popular cases as Facebook, for example. And is that, or you have Wi-Fi nearby, or the update will devour your data rate.

And is that sometimes, if the app goes well and you're happy with it, why update so much? The same happens if you barely use the application. Because one thing is clear, in general the description of the updates is quite vague and the "bug fix" does not detail too much, with which sometimes we do not know whether or not it will be worth it.

What if I delete the app and use it via the web?

I confess that this practice is something that I have done with Facebook and that I have raised with both Twitter and Instagram. I know that the app allows us to store our data and a faster and more optimized user experience, but at the cost of consuming lots of data and storage space .

Therefore, especially when the space of our terminal is limited and for leisure applications such as social networks, it is not a bad measure to use the app directly, something that we can greatly speed up if we add the shortcut to the desktop .

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