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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Differences between deleting message and canceling message in Whatsapp

In the coming days or weeks you will possibly receive a Whatsapp update that will allow you to undo the messages sent to a conversation. In fact, we have already told you this . But what can cause a bit of confusion is that now there will be two Whatsapp functions that may look very similar by name but are very different in their result. Deleting a message is not the same as canceling a message in Whatsapp.

That is, does this feature have something to do with the trash can icon that appears when you select a message or several in a chat? No, and here comes the confusion of some users. To know the differences between deleting a message and canceling it.

Unsubscribe from Whatsapp

The 'Undo' option suppresses the message in both directions, that is to say, both from our device and the user or users with whom we chat but leaving the trail with the message 'This message was canceled'. This is the new feature of WhatsApp and many of us have been demanding a lot of the messaging application par excellence.

In contrast, the 'Delete' feature is very time-consuming in Whatsapp. It is one that allows us to erase a message by applying only to our mobile and staying in the conversation of our interlocutor. The problem comes from the icon that it uses (a garbage can) that with the arrival of annulus can give rise to misunderstanding.

To cancel this message that we regret definitively just need to press a few seconds on it and access 'Cancel'. That yes, you will only have 5 minutes since you send the message to your recipient to be able to delete it since after this time you can not cancel the message. Another restriction for using the new Undo message function in Whatsapp is that in order to have this function all users must have the latest version of the app installed.

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