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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Do It Yourself: 7 Ways to Repair Your iPhone with Everyday Objects

Whenever a mishap happens with our iPhone, the first thing we do is to plunge into the absolute panic and think about what it will cost us to repair, obviously if it is out of the warranty period, we do not have AppleCare or it is about A gross negligence on our part.

However, before going to the Apple Store or the authorized service center, some minor glitches can be easily repaired without the need for a special technician or instrument , in fact it can be done with objects we have at home. If you're a little man, take note because you're going to surprise yourself with what you can do with very little ... if you were able to light up the apple on your iPhone , this is going to be sewing and singing!

The Home button goes hard, is sticky, sounds weird or does not work well

A classic in the breakdown of iPhone, but before going desperate to the SAT, why not try to clean it thoroughly with a swab to clean ears - not used, obviously - impregnated with a little alcohol? Ojito because Apple itself recommends it in its support forums .

Your iPhone loads slowly

Although we know that the iPhone 8 will incorporate the fast charge , the previous models do not load as slow as you think, and if you notice that your device costs you horrors lately, we recommend that you carefully try to remove the dust particles and particles adhered in the corners And lateral Lightning port, you will be surprised by everything you find there. To do this uses a fine tool and not metal, such as a toothpick .

The headset is not heard or heard with difficulty

If it's hard for you to hear the conversations on your iPhone, maybe it's time to carefully wipe the headset of your iPhone as it probably has some lint. Well, there is nothing better than the eraser of a pencil as an instrument to clean the speaker.

Apple suggests you use a brush to wipe away the speaker, something that may be more orthodox, but in the photos of iFixit someone suggests that suction to remove the particles. It's not very hygienic, but it works.

By the way, if you need to substantially increase the output volume of the speaker, another original solution is to deposit your iPhone into a bowl and that speaker acts as a speaker . Of course, this is not a measure to use normally, but it can be worth for an emergency.

Broken or bad connection cable or EarPods

Raise your hand the one you have never, never broken a wire . Although in the long run there is nothing left to buy other headphones or charger, on the go we may be tempted to use tape or tape to ensure good contact in the cable that transmits electricity. No, there is something much better, more resistant and aesthetic for this solution: the blue tack. Simply mold it and place it with a little grace.

By the way, Blue tack has so many outlets ... what would you like to cover the corners of your iPad or iPhone to avoid pikes? I know, a bit rustic but effective.

But prevention is better than repair, so if your cable load has not yet given signs of breakage and beads with a retractable pen, in this video you can see how to extend your life much longer:

Support for iPhone

If you need to see something on your iPhone but do not have a support, you do not need to spend 20 or 30 euros in one, because this office item will support you at the modest price of what it costs you to steal it from your work center, Eye, who also sell it ...

SOS iPhone wet

Another of the biggest dramas of the owners of the smartphone: humidity and more specifically, when the misfortune happens and falls into the water. Although waterproof terminals are becoming increasingly waterproof and very waterproof cases are very affordable , if it has already happened you can only do two things: pray and forget the rice, focus on the silica, that you get when you buy a pair of shoes or a Backpack because it is the most effective method to dry .

Extract the SIM from an iPhone

Oh, that moment when you buy an iPhone and you get with that nice and compact box, its accessories perfectly packed and a metal tool to enter your SIM. Two months later, the charging cable is a tangle on your desk, the box is in the storage room and who knows where the metal part will be. No problem: MacGyver uses a clip, something that is also supported by Apple .

Via | Businessinsider

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