Do not leave a kidney in the AirPods and look at these alternatives -


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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Do not leave a kidney in the AirPods and look at these alternatives

Apple released an update on its controversial and famous EarPods headphones in December 2016. This update, called AirPods , has a refined and well-built design that maintains the shape of the EarPods but with the lack of cables. Although the AirPods work great, they have several flaws that can annoy anyone and the first and most notable is their high price.

However, there are currently many alternatives that can work just as well as AirPods. They may not have as much integration with iOS as Apple's headphones, but in terms of sound, battery and grip, they can far exceed the AirPods .

Here are three alternatives that can make it less painful to buy your next headset , as these cost a lot less than Apple AirPods.

SoundPEATS Q29

These wireless helmets give us good support for sports . They allow you to activate a mono sound mode so that the two headphones sound exactly the same, so you can share your music with whoever you want . It also incorporates a case with battery to be charged when you do not use them.

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Syllable D900

With its portable battery that offers up to 6 loads of helmets and a very ergonomic design of these, the Syllable D900 are the most affordable of this list . They also incorporate ecological silicone plugs that hold very well to any ear.

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Very compact helmets with an unbeatable design. They include an aluminum case with which we can charge the headphones while we do not use them. The battery of the case will give us 2 charges, however, the headphones will withstand 3 to 5 hours of uninterrupted music .

Buy SAVFY at Amazon

As we can see, AirPods are not the only wireless helmets we can use on the iPhone and certainly not the cheapest. There are many alternatives that will offer us an experience of similar use without having to spend too much money.

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