Do you prefer Apple to launch the iPhone 8 later or do not include certain features? -


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Friday, 14 July 2017

Do you prefer Apple to launch the iPhone 8 later or do not include certain features?

This week's news about Apple and its iPhone 8 could not be worse: problems with the software, problems with the 3D sensor and the Touch ID, delays ... Of course, everything indicates that in Cupertino are not coming out the accounts And either get rid of some of the innovative features they plan to implement on the iPhone 8, or delay launch a few weeks. What would you prefer?

The first rumor of all was the inductive wireless charge , a technology consolidated in the market - in fact already exist accessories that allow you to charge your terminal without cables simply with a case - but that in Apple seems to be causing problems. For this reason, it is expected to launch later and separately, causing you to spend more than 1,000 euros in the terminal and apart, the charger .

The second headache comes from the Touch ID, and is that Apple's plan would banish it in favor of facial recognition , or leave it as an additional security measure to face recognition too incipient. What is the problem? That with a screen without borders or Home button, we are not very clear if it would go in the back or integrated in the screen, which again presents another challenge. Collateral means that without Touch ID, Apple Pay will be disabled .

To make matters worse, a couple of days ago we echoed delays in the chain of suppliers that would cause the launch to occur 3 to 4 weeks later .

What will Apple do? Will it stick to the traditional deadlines and will choose to activate certain functions through updates - is said that the one that would integrate everything would be iOS 11.1 - or delay its putting long?

I have my doubts, but if I am going to pay more than a thousand euros in a device , I would like you to integrate all these completely operative news. In addition, it would be quite a disappointment not to be able to rely on facial recognition or wireless charging, since they are features that can be found in other terminals and that would mean that Apple has been left behind in the iPhone that has been designed to give a blow over Of the table and to return to being the one that was.

Via | 9to5Mac

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