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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Does it make up a solar charger for iPhone?

The great use that we give to our mobile devices makes us many times the duration of their batteries, especially if we make intensive use of internet browsing, video viewing or geolocation services. We know the alternative of external batteries , which have the great advantage of having increased a lot of capacity and lowered its price .

Now how do those with a solar panel work? Our country is fortunate to have enough hours of sunlight and maybe we should consider the market options to be able to value your purchase. Let's go to them.

How do they work?

These devices have a small panel that transforms the solar radiation into electric current that serves to charge the battery of the electronic device. If they have a monocrystalline panel they are able to work with almost any type of light, generating electric current even on cloudy days or even in the interiors of houses. However, the best results will be obtained on totally clear days when they are exposed to direct solar radiation, something totally logical.

What's the point of buying it?

You can weigh your purchase if you do many outdoor activities and it would not be very logical to make a payment if you spend 5 days locked in an office and the weekend you stay at home.


They are not a bad option, since in addition this type of external batteries can be also recharged by electric current in case of necessity . You have to take into account that the charge by solar panel is realized more slowly and we must always have it present. It costs very little to expose it to the sun at certain times, it is a great wink to the environment and an awareness.

If we must take sides, it is something that does compensate due to its price decrease, on a par with those that have no panel. So, if you are thinking of buying an external battery, for the same price you practically have one with this added .

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