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Friday, 14 July 2017

double verification of Apple seems a mess

Double verification or two-step verification has been, for many years, the most important protection of personal privacy in devices, equipment and software. Something that, oddly enough, technology companies have refused to recognize ... until now.

The birth of double verification came in 2012. At that time, the companies offered very simple processes of double verification, with some very limited options.

As a result, users began a brutal campaign demanding that all technology companies adopt this security format. That's how, a few years later, Apple introduced the two-step verification on their iPhone and iPad .

There are all sorts of variations of the two-step verification

Consumers got what we wanted, what we needed, today many companies have adopted double verification as a security resource in both their devices and their software. It has even reached websites and social networks.

But the result has led companies to offer dozens of different types of double checking . This implies usability issues and security issues.

Apple has had many complications in its iCloud system, which was questioned in 2014 when CelebGate happened, filtering photos of celebrities / nudes.

On the other hand, recently, a group of Turkish hackers threatened the company of Cupertino with hacking the accounts of thousands of users .

In short, double checking is a very good security process, but apparently not enough. What is worse is that no one knows how to improve their system. There is no simple solution to this , no steps would completely protect our privacy. But what is really surprising is that, for many years, it looked like it was safe enough. Do you think Apple will look for new ways to protect the security of its users in iOS and iCloud?

Via | The Verge

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