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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Everything points to a delay of 4 weeks in the iPhone 8

It seems a lie, but the most promising iPhone to date is also being the most problematic for Apple. There has not been a single model that has caused so much trouble even before its release. If we talked a few hours ago that the company was having problems with the development of the differentiating features of the new model, now we see a new bump in the road.

The next iPhone 8, will have in its interior novel components thought to give rise to the incredible experiences that Apple has thought for us. However, these components are proving really annoying when it comes to producing the new iPhone efficiently, in order to meet the high demand that is expected not only for launch but also for the coming months.

Analysts expect almost a month late with respect to the initial launch of the iPhone 8

Specifically, according to the latest Bank of America report shared by CNBC , identification and security sensors such as the Touch ID or the three-dimensional facial recognition system would be primarily responsible for all of this. The problem would have reached such a point that it could lead to delays in launching the public three to four weeks from the originally scheduled date.

For this reason, the same report has cut sales forecasts for the new smartphone by 11 million for the quarter that will start in September , and 6 million for which will start in December. Hopefully all this will lead to a phone that will meet our expectations, otherwise, Apple will have to give many explanations to convince your community that it is worth contemplating the option to buy the new model.

Via | 9to5Mac

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