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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Excessive use of smartphones could change the shape of our eyes

The arrival of the Internet to our homes a few years ago and its subsequent implementation in mobile phones not only seem to have changed the way we communicate, work and socialize but now also could change our anatomy, or at least the shape of our eyes , According to Andrew Bastawrous, an ophthalmologist.

If it had long been speculated with how we were strengthening our thumbs fruit of the continued use of the smartphone, now seems to be that the shape of our eye is adapting to see up close much more than a decade ago, causing the growth of the eyeball, Something that could trigger retinal detachment, glaucoma and other related diseases ... and no, there is no app that can remedy it!

The growth of the eye tends to decrease during adolescence to finally stop, something that right now is not given. The eye seems to continue to grow and is a fact that occurs all over the planet, but more in Asia. In some countries like Singapore, more than 90% of adolescents are short-sighted . The initial theory is that these people perform more activities that require close approaches, such as reading their smartphone. There is evidence that this trend is happening too fast to be anything from the environment or genetics. The latest data suggest that the most important factor is that we spend more time inside than we used to.

Obviously, the more time we spend on the inside reading screens, the less we do on the outside , looking far away. If before we already did with video games, now the combo consoles + tablets + smartphones could have accelerated the process.

On the other hand, it also suggests that the more time we spend on smartphones, the less we look into the eyes , something that impacts on empathy and social welfare. So although it sounds crazy, it is still advisable to restrict the use of the technologies to the youngest and, of course, to do it with some common sense.

Via | CultofMac

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