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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Experimenting with iOS 11 beta 4 do you dare?

Just four days ago Apple released this fourth beta version of iOS 11 , a further evolution of its operating system that is scheduled for its final release for next fall. Back in June, when the first beta came out, many of us ran to install it to later erase it from our devices, it was very green and among other things, the battery consumption was excessive. But something has changed, are you with us?

If you have a developer account you probably have it installed, if you do not have it there are many ways to get it installed or you can wait for it to be released publicly, which is estimated for the next days or even hours. If you choose this option, you can sign up for the Apple Beta program and be aware of these new features. In any case, I happen to comment in first person my experience after three days of use .

I like these reasons

I do not know how many more versions will arrive before the final, but this fourth is very usable. In fact, I have not appreciated the "lagazos" that gave me the first and incompatibility with some application. Fear gave me the battery consumption, which is maintained similar to the one that has iOS 10 in its latest version. No blatant percentage drops . All the applications that I have installed, are 35, work properly and there has not been at the moment the need to restart.

Your new features

Well known and commented on pages and forums, I am captivated by the new Control Center, the option of improved screen captures and the recording of everything that happens in it . They were much sought after changes and we have finally been heard.

It excites me

An App Store very refreshed and inviting to dive through it and discover exciting content. It is not a simple application purchase page, there is something beyond that which makes the experience much more complete .

In short, there are changes that invite the illusion and only hope that in the following versions do not turn back users. Promise me a lot and for now he's going to stay with me. If you dare to try you can leave your experiences in comments .

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