From photo to plate! Your iPhone is going to take away the work from Karlos Argiñano -


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Sunday, 23 July 2017

From photo to plate! Your iPhone is going to take away the work from Karlos Argiñano

I think this is something that has happened to us all: you see a photo on the social networks of a rich plate of food and you ask yourself that how will you prepare? What are these things I see? Black pudding or jam? Cream or mayonnaise? Or, on the contrary, after reveling in a delicious meal in a restaurant, you want to reproduce the recipe at home but you have no idea . Quiet, the MIT in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia have put hands to work to give you the solution.

It is called Pic2Recipe and what it does is employ artificial intelligence to relate photographs with existing recipes in a wide database, with such good luck that it succeeds in extracting the information successfully on 2 out of 3 occasions, both of the ingredients and the recipes. Wonderful, right?

It was just asking the recipe to the chef ... or your mother

Needless to say, it is a fantastic project for foodies and lovers of good eating in general and following the trail marked by previous projects like Food-101, in which an algorithm recognized dishes with an accuracy of 80%.

But now it has gone a step further: in addition to recipes, it also accurately recognizes ingredients thanks to integrating a database with 1 million recipes, belonging to websites as wide as All Recipes and

This database has a name, "Recipe1M", and has been instrumental in training the application, achieving such a high success rate . As a strong point, Recipe1M does not fail with desserts, however international food will choke, especially sushi.

Of course, scientists are already going one step further and all these variables obtained already want to add a further improvement: knowing with just one photo how it was cooked . Can you imagine taking a picture of your fridge and your iPhone telling you what rich dishes you can make with it? That yes, it will be fundamental that you have more than a lemon with mold and a ketchup envelope.

Via | MIT

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