Get rid of a kidney and buy an iPhone 8 for $ 1200 -


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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Get rid of a kidney and buy an iPhone 8 for $ 1200

In the coming months, will come a new generation of iPhone that is seen as one of the most innovative, and not for less. These months, Apple celebrates the tenth anniversary of the phone line that completely changed the technology market and how to understand telecommunications. In September, it will be time for the Californian company to start a new revolution with technologies such as augmented reality as exponents.

But today, again, we have to talk about some of the perils that will bring this revolution. Specifically, the biggest drawback that has always accompanied the Apple brand, the price. Because if there is something that has been associated with the company all these years, it has been the high prices they have been putting on their products. And it seems that this year Cupertino will manage to reach a new record for the misfortune of our cards.

Get ready to clean your savings account, because Apple does not plan to take out a low-cost product

These days, users have been speculating again on the prices that the company could establish for the new models. Some have come up with figures close to $ 1,500 , but other members of the community, such as writer John Gruber, who already predicted the price of the first Apple Watch Edition, indicate that the iPhone 8 could have its Most basic model at $ 1200 .

These high prices compared to previous models are due to the important complexity of the production process of certain components such as the OLED screen. To this we also have to add the expenses in research and development that Apple is dedicating to the new technologies that the Californians plan to implant in their new telephones.

And you, what price could you give to the next iPhone?

Via | Business Insider

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