Give a new life to your Apple Watch based on punches -


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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Give a new life to your Apple Watch based on punches

It's been more than two years since we got the first Apple Watch, the watch that would finally put order in the chaotic market for wearables. This smartwatch was able to give consumers the functions they really needed , if they really thought they needed a device like this. However, it also had its problems, as for example, it was unable to smoothly move several applications at the same time, something really annoying.

For this reason, and to solve other shortcomings such as water resistance, which was very much in question in the first generation, a year later two new versions were released. On the one hand, we had the Series 2, whose characteristics we already know all too well, especially the swimmers who use it. And on the other, the Series 1, a small upgrade from the first generation that gave it a bit more power with a new dual-core processor.

If you send your Apple Watch to the technical service could come back with renewed strength

With this Apple move, it became clear that they knew perfectly well that their first smart watch was not as good as it looked at first. But it also helped that others who had not had the opportunity to buy one until that moment, could acquire a watch with more resistance and at a better price. Now, Apple Watch owners may be glad that the company decides this , because many Apple Watch sent to technical support are being "replaced" by Series 1.

Apparently, they have already completely discarded the first-generation model, and would have begun to choose to fix the defective watches entitled to repair with parts of the Series 1 , which, as I said before, are the first generation with a processor new. Let's face it, no one wants their devices to spoil, but if they do, it would be great if we had a deal as good as this.

And you, are you still using your Apple Watch?

Via | MacRumors

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