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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Goodbye to the tired eye: Turn your iPhone 7 into an eBook

The technology of the displays grows by leaps and bounds. If we know that the current flagship of Apple, the iPhone 7 Plus, has a retina HD display, the next iPhone 8 will have a borderless screen with OLED technology . A great advance that our eyes and our battery will thank , since on one hand the colors will be more vivid than ever and their energy consumption will be lower.

In addition, with the growing tendency to increase the sizes of the terminals, it is no longer an isolated case to find people watching series or even reading on their devices ... and there if, the quality is noticed . Because it's one thing to surf for a while, read the mail or answer a WhatsApp and another very different, spend two hours with your eyes fixed on your device.

With this idea is born the project of Oaxis and its case for iPhone 7 called InkCase i7 Plus. It is a case that has an e-ink screen with which the screen of our iPhone becomes an eBook of all, all. Come on, goodbye to tired eyes when you read books from your iPhone. All in one.

The screen covers the terminal fully and as you can see in the photos, the quality of the display is surprisingly high, so you can read with all tranquility everything you carry in the native iBooks app . But it could not be perfect: besides being bulky, it prevents the volume button from reaching easily, but if we want to take it to the beach to read, it works perfectly.

In addition, you get the electricity you require through Bluetooth , something that is not bad in itself, but come on, make sure you take a power bank because between that iPhone is not known to have a great autonomy and incorporating a gadget more ...

Its cost is not that it is very seductive, 129 dollars in its web . However, if you are an inveterido reader perhaps it is worth the investment since you will have two gadgets in one: smartphone and ebook at the same time.

Via | The Verge

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