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Friday, 14 July 2017

How to add audio to WhatsApp States on your iPhone

WhatsApp with its ideology of "renew or die", brought us one of its great novelties: States . This novelty works in the style of the stories of Instagram and although there are people who do not see much use, others may seem fun.

Surely everyone who uses this feature in WhatsApp do it by uploading videos of something interesting or funny . However, few people know that you can also put a song or an audio note as status in WhatsApp .

Trick to put audio in the State of WhatsApp

This trick is undoubtedly rather "sloppy", but does its job really well. The trick is also often used in Instagram , therefore, what you learn today will also serve for different social networks.

Now comes when you will begin to realize how much is this trick. This is not a software solution, we're talking about putting your iPhone on the flatbed . In case you have an iPhone 6 or 7 and still keep the phone box, perfect, since it had a mold where the camera of the terminal . Better to leave it on the flat table, as the camera protrudes.

Doing this will get a black background in the camera , then we should just go to the phone's music application and play any song . We can also, from another device, play an audio or song note while being close to the iPhone.

After doing this, you can decorate the state with some emoji or some phrase . When anyone clicks on it, you will come across a ringing song and a black background with the decor that you have put on.

Now, whenever you want, you can share your songs with your WhatsApp contacts very easily . And not only in WhatsApp, this trick, as I said before, will serve for any other application that has a similar function .

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