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Sunday, 16 July 2017

How to add new faces to iOS11 Photos

If you've already had the chance to try out the beta version of iOS 11 you 'll know that Apple has introduced new features in the native Photos app.

Although the facial recognition system of iOS has been improving over time, curiously the Photos application has eliminated the option of recognizing new people.

In the album section of the iOS Photos app 11 the "Add people" button has disappeared . Why? How do you add new faces or faces to your photos? We will explain it to you in detail.

Adding faces to your app Photos from iOS 11

Thanks to improvements in technology and in the learning of operating systems, iOS is better at facial recognition. But it is also better at recognizing places and objects.

Here are the steps you should take to add new faces to your iOS 11 Photos app:

1. Look for a picture that contains the person you want to add.

2. Slide your finger up on it.

3. At the bottom you will see thumbnails of all people.

4. Tap the person you want to add.

5. You will enter a new section.

6. From here you will be able to assign a name and confirm additional faces that the native application itself will suggest to you.

At first, it just looked like the iOS 11 Photos app had removed this feature to add faces, faces or people. But it had only changed its functioning. This feature will allow you to organize your photo albums a bit, but we still think that the Apple Photos app needs to be improved to allow users to further customize albums ; Change order of photos, remove unused album views, add names for photos, options to organize by date or place, etc.

Via | Cult of Mac

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