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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How to free up storage space with iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad

Recently Apple has changed its policy regarding the storage capacity of its products in the launch of its new mobile devices. Earlier the company sold iPhone and iPad with 16GB of memory, now the minimum is 32GB on the iPhone and 64GB on the iPad Pro.

Still, running out of storage space is easy, and is that today users tend to store all kinds of files on the iPhone and / or iPad: movies, series, photographs, videos, documents, applications, games, music…

Fortunately, iOS 11 will introduce a new system that will allow users to free up storage space on iPhone and iPad in a much simpler, more efficient and intuitive way.

Manage and free storage on iOS 11

Apple has incorporated a system of recommendations that offers the possibility to enable certain options in order to free up and save storage space on iPhone and iPad.

1. Access Settings on iOS 11.

2. Click on the General section.

3. Enter the section "Storage of the iPhone".

4. Take a look at the recommendations and activate the ones you want.

5. Additionally, you can click on "Show more" to see more recommendations.

You'll still be able to see which applications use more storage space . In addition, the option has been added to see the date when each application was last used .

On the other hand, as in iOS 10, you can press on each application to get more information. In fact, some of them (such as Safari) allow you to delete data and clear the cache to free up storage space. One of the recommendations, for example, is focused on removing old conversations from iMessage, a feature that takes up a lot of storage space.

The most interesting thing of all is that this system offers the opportunity to eliminate applications conserving their data so that you can recover them when reinstalling it again.

This new feature is available in beta versions of iOS 11 . However, these versions still contain many errors, bugs and bugs, so it is not advisable to install them on your device. We recommend waiting a few more weeks to install iOS 11 until its operation is more fluid.

Via | 9to5mac

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