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Monday, 10 July 2017

How to hide your profile photo in WhatsApp to avoid cotillas

In recent years, communication has suffered an earthquake in the form of social networks and similar apps among which WhatsApp stands out. The messaging application par excellence seems to have come to all smartphones to stay, making life much easier but also allowing control, gossip and information extraction quite simply .

In many cases, it is simply a question of not knowing how to configure the privacy and security possibilities offered by the applications. In the case of WhatsApp, today we want to teach you how to protect your identity by simply hiding your profile picture from strangers, because if you are not aware of this possibility, anyone can access it.

How do you hide your WhatsApp profile photo so that no strangers will see it?

With the arrival of WhatsApp to our terminals, in many cases the calls have fallen to second place as a favorite communication tool, which causes us to sometimes deal with strangers, who logically do not have to see our photo.

To avoid this, we will follow the following steps:

1) Go to the WhatsApp app and go to Settings

2) In the Account section, enter Privacy , where in addition to the profile photo, you can control who sees your last connection time, Information and States. A little further down you have the famous blue tick option, one of the most controversial WhatsApp features and we also recommend turning it off so nobody can know when you read the messages and you avoid having to give explanations.

3) Access Profile Picture and mark the option that interests you: that nobody sees your photo, that only the people who are in your contact list or that everyone does it. Remember that this last option is the most unprotected leaves us, so our recommendation is to click on My Contacts

And that's it, goodbye to indiscreet onlookers!

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