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Sunday, 23 July 2017

How to increase the internal storage of your iPhone

As you know, Apple bet from the first iPhone model for a terminal with a fixed storage capacity , a trend that increasingly are adopting Android terminals. And is that, one of the great advantages of devices with Google's operating system is precisely that, that with a simple and cheap SD card in many occasions we increase the space an outrage.

With the iPhone is not, so it is providential to be clear before buying it so that we are going to use it. If we are going to restrict it to calls, WhatsApp, surf the internet and the management of emails, it makes sense that we save and buy the one that has less space. If we like games, social networks, photography or listening to music, in the long run it is better to invest a little more , since it is a can to walk free space.

From time to time, the internet is booming, ensuring that increasing the storage of the iPhone is not only possible, it is easy and simple . Surely some innocent has dared to take it to an unauthorized store of which we all know to try such a company.

How to increase the storage of your iPhone?

In theory, it is possible. "Only" you have to remove the solder from the memory chip and change it to a new one that has more capacity. That sounds easier than it sounds, but we are talking about a microelectronics technique that requires specific machinery that neither is common nor is capable of making anyone, even a handyman. Not to mention the risk of working on the motherboard .

Of course, we forget the warranty . And it is that we either do it or we get a store to practice this complex practice. In general, a reliable technical service would never dare to do so because of the difficulty and irregularity that constitutes altering an iPhone. One thing is to change one screen or the home button, another is to almost play God.

How do I get more space on the iPhone?

Using the cloud

To date, there are only two recommended options. The first one is to make use of the services of the cloud : iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. And either by paying for space or employing several at a time, we can store our files on the network and relieve our terminal a little.

Of course, at the cost of consuming data every time we require access to these. Nothing is perfect.


Box for iPhone and iPad

Google Drive – almacenamiento online seguro

With a USB stick

The other option is to buy a USB stick compatible with iPhone and iPad that allows us to have up to 256GB of storage for videos, music, photos and backups. It also has its own official application in the App Store for better content management.

Yes, we know it is not the same, but with a transfer speed of USB 3.0 can save your life. Also, you can get them for very little money.

SanDisk iXpand 32GB USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

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