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Saturday, 29 July 2017

How to photograph food with your iPhone

From the arrival of integrated cameras to our mobile phones, making good snapshots is relatively simple. A category of them that we usually see much by the social networks are those related to the feeding . Obviously this is not about photographing a simple hamburger, but when we are in a restaurant that takes care of your presentations we like to take that memory, and why not, publish it.

In this article we are going to give you some keys so that you can take advantage of your best moments and you face this kind of really appealing photographs , so let's get to it.

Use the macro

The power that has this simple technique makes that much enhance the details that at first sight go unnoticed .

Avoid the zenith

They are very typical in social networks, have the ability to cancel volumes and perspectives and giving rise to a flat image and that counts nothing . Find the perfect plane, there is.

Light, always natural

It is the key to achieving decent results. On certain occasions it is not possible, so eye when shooting with flash , the dishes can create unwanted reflections.

Accompanying accompaniments

If the dish you have made and you want to tell something, keep in mind who is the protagonist of your creation. It's no use if your sirloin appears as such if it is crammed with potatoes.


You have many very adequate resources to edit the snapshots and make them even more appealing. Applications like VSCO or Snapseed can be very helpful. Remember to use them to boost, never to straighten a bad base photo .

Photo & Video

Photo & Video

Seek support

If for any reason you like to photograph your creations you can seek the help of a stand or tripod to help you stay focused . There are very cheap ones.

What do you mean?

Your picture must tell something, if for some reason that photo says nothing or you will find a way to make it speak, do not do it . There will be others that do speak.

The most important thing about these simple tricks is that you make these kind of photos fun, these shots should invite you to say "how delicious!" Or "I ate it already!" Remember to follow us and comment on this post .

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