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Monday, 24 July 2017

How to read WhatsApp messages on the go

On more occasions than anyone would like to admit, we do not feel like talking to someone on WhatsApp , however, we do want to know what it tells us. The problem is that since the appearance of the double blue tick, this is very difficult. We have much more difficulty reading something without being forced to respond, since the person receiving the message, will know that we have read .

Almost everyone knows the meaning of WhatsApp popcorn, but to avoid confusion and clarify everything, I explain :

  • A popcorn or tick : Message sent but not received.
  • Two popcorn or ticks : Message sent and received.
  • Two blue popcorn : Message sent, received and read.

If what we want is to read messages in this application without the sender know we have done, there are a couple of tricks that can save you to cast an innocent glance .

IOS Notifications

Normally iOS shows you the notifications of your applications directly in the notifications menu or the lock screen. If you look at a WhatsApp message from these two menus, it will not be marked in any way as read , since for this to happen, you have to enter directly into the chat of the person who is talking to you.

Turn off double blue check

Easier than this there is nothing, if you turn off the read confirmation you will not be able to know who reads your messages, but neither will anyone who speaks with you . This can be deactivated from the WhatsApp settings in "Account", then enters "Privacy" and deactivates the option: "Read confirmations".

With this, you can take a quick look at all the messages that arrive without knowing that you have read them . Remember that even if you do not open that person's chat, WhatsApp will mark you as "Online", so you will know that if you do not read it, it is because you do not want to.

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