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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How to save data abroad

The end of roaming in Europe was a reality does very little, this means that we can use our mobile data in any country in the European Union to pay a kidney for doing so . Of course, there are companies that put limits and do not allow to use the data in according to which countries, as it might be traveling outside Europe and you need to spend less data so as not to ruin you.

You must continue to pay for roaming data in any country outside the European Union, the United States and Asia. Of course, you can activate the data when you travel when making an urgent consultation outside of Spain, but it is highly recommended to take measures not to suffer a cardiac arrest when we get the invoice on the return of the trip .

What measures are we talking about?

Of course, we should turn off data roaming in our iPhone settings. When you disable roaming, you can be sure that you will not consume a single byte of data in the foreign country . This way you will be forced to look for a Wi-Fi access point. You can disable this in the iPhone settings, under: "Mobile Data" and "Data Roaming".

But, what if we want to consult something quickly in the middle of our journey? Then, we must reactivate the itinerary knowing what that entails. To save us the displeasure of paying too much, we will have to deactivate all the applications that, by chance, can download data just at the moment you activate the itinerary . You may also inadvertently open an application that consumes a lot of data.

From the "Use mobile data for" section of settings, we can disable the use of mobile data in specific applications. It is advisable to disable all apps except the ones we are going to use right now.

Another thing we should not forget is Wi-Fi support. This is a function that automatically activates the mobile data in case the Wi-Fi signal is weak . Without a doubt, forgetting to disable this function can give us a good scare.

Finally, it is recommended that you activate the 3G instead of the 4G, or if your iPhone allows you, the 2G. With this, in the event that by mistake your phone starts to download data with your rate, it will do it slowly and will not download as much as it would with 4G .

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