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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

How to save data on Facebook

The iOS Facebook application has become a heavyweight of apps. This application has grown a lot in size in recent years due to its increased features and features , unfortunately this increase in size in the application also means an increase in the size of the downloads that must be performed.

With this, I mean that the Facebook application burns the data of our tariff. The amount of videos that it contains and all the content that is inside the platform, causes a consumption of data very difficult to reach by any other application .

Luckily for everyone, there are several adjustments that we can make in the Facebook application to prevent it consumes all the data of our tariff .

Background Updates

Although it is very useful to keep us up to date, this spends the battery faster on our iPhone and mobile data. Facebook in particular is one of the applications that consumes the most when it is updated in the background .

From the menu settings of our iPhone and in the "General" section, we can access: "Updates in the background", here we can deactivate the Facebook application to not consume more data when it is not running .

Autoplay videos

This function is fine for anyone who has an infinite data rate, but for other mortals, it is preferable to disable this at least while a Wi-Fi network is not in use .

To disable automatic video playback on Facebook, we must go to the settings of our iPhone in the following address: Facebook> Settings> Auto-Play> Wi-Fi only or Off . Once this is done we should not worry any more about Facebook videos .

HD uploads

Facebook gives us the ability to upload videos in HD. However, uploading a video in high quality is much heavier than doing it with a lower quality one . To disable it simply open the iOS settings and go to the following address: Facebook> Settings> Upload to HD . We deactivate the box that appears and we will be able to upload videos without worrying about the consumption of data.

Finally I would like to give a tip. If you use Facebook away from home spending mobile data, try not to play many videos . These can be in high quality and consume a lot of data and although they have a more mediocre quality, consume much data the same.

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