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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How to send GIFs on WhatsApp with iPhone

WhatsApp may be the messaging app par excellence, but it is by no means the best, the most intuitive or even the most secure . And is that despite its popularity, there are other apps that although they are less successful, have a number of features that leave the WhatsApp green of envy. One of them is the sending of GIFs, something that in Telegram for example is easy, fast and simple but that many users of WhatsApp in iPhone do not know.

And is that sending a GIF in WhatsApp is almost like the popular series of books Find Wally : you know it is but it despairs you, both on Android and iOS. So we want to shed some light on the subject so that if someone did not know, know how to do it on iPhone. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF is worth more than a thousand images.

How to send GIFs on WhatsApp with iPhone

1) To send GIFs in iOS we will have to go to the WhatsApp app and open the app

2) Open a chat - no matter how individual or group - and click on "+", which is where the multimedia options are.

3) Click on "Photos and videos", where you will see the reel of photos and videos of your iPhone

4) In the lower left corner you will see an option that says "GIF" and a magnifying glass. Put it down.

5) Next, you'll just have to search for the word that best fits the GIF you are looking for. Once chosen, simply send it to send.

Remember that you can also mark your favorite GIF with a star , so you can save them for regular access and send them, so you save time looking for them again, because after all like emojis, we have our favorites that are the ones that We use more often.

With the huge amount of updates that WhatsApp launches implementing new features, we hope that it will soon improve this aspect so that sending GIFs is much faster and more accessible .

Via | TechRadar

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