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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How to transfer messages to a new number in WhatsApp

Although there are better instant messaging applications, virtually all smartphone users have WhatsApp installed on their device . And is that it is one of the applications to send more used messages of history, practically to the level of the deceased Messenger.

At times, we are worried about losing conversations we have had throughout history . It is normal that we do not want to miss the first conversations that we had with some special person or some important messages that we have saved in this application. This concern increases when we change terminal or phone number, since you can easily lose everything we have written .

Pass all your messages to your new number

It is very easy and quick to save all our conversations so that they are automatically transferred to our new number or mobile once we make the change.

First of all, we must open the WhatsApp settings from the same application . From the settings of WhatsApp we have to access: "Chats", and then open the section "Backups". Once inside this section, we click on the button to save or to make a backup that will appear to us.

After doing the above, we will have the backup created . Now we will only have to go back to the settings and press on account. Within account, we will give you: "Change number". Once inside, we give to next and we will appear two fields to introduce text, in the first we put our old number and in the following we put the new number . To finish we give to OK or OK.

As you can see, it's nothing out of this world. It is a very simple process that allows us to save our chats for our new phone number . Remember that normally a copy of the chats in iCloud is also made , so in this way you will be safer than ever.

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