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Monday, 31 July 2017

How to upload GIFs to Instagram with iPhone

Instagram is a social network that may not enjoy the popularity of Facebook, but it must be recognized that it is quite cool . Being able to communicate through messages integrated in photographs has his, and certainly opens a world of possibilities for lovers of travel, food, fashion, animals ... Its use is quite simple, the truth is that it is not complicated upload photos And share them.

But what if we want to upload a GIF? There the thing gets complicated. In fact, I think most of their users would not know how. And is that first of all, actually when you discover this trick you will see that a GIF as such is not, we explain.

And what we are going to do is convert a GIF into a short video in MP4 format, so strictly speaking, it will no longer be a GIF. It sounds complicated, but thanks to an app, we'll do it a wink. Although in the App Store there are many that convert GIFs to videos, but none as fast and intuitive as GifLab .

How GifLab Works

GifLab allows us to create a GIF quickly and share it in a couple of taps . In addition, we can add texts, apply filters, control their quality and speed of reproduction, share it in networks ... But let's stick to the part where we upload to Instagram.

1) Save the GIF you want to share on Instagram on your reel.

2) Open GifLAb and select "GIF to Instagram"

3) Selects the GIF and adjusts the playback speed.

4) Click on "Save and share on Instagram", that is, save the changes and upload them to the network.

And that's it. As you can see, it is the simplest thing you can do and the result is simply spectacular. If you like Instagram, this app is going to become a must for you.

 GifLab - GIF Maker & Editor + Share to IG
GifLab - GIF Maker & Editor + Share to IG
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