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Monday, 10 July 2017

I will never buy an iPad Pro and these are my reasons

Although Apple remains committed to replacing our laptops with an iPad Pro and are getting closer to achieving it, the reality is that some people remain reluctant to this transition ... it is true that perhaps it is a matter of giving it a chance, because we know that the IPad Pro is a real bug in power and its screen is truly impressive.

But despite the near perfection of the iPad Pro and its wonderful synchronization with iOS 11 , we still find weaknesses and outstanding absences that make us think twice about making the leap and continue to trust our beloved laptop, which To this day they are authentic laptops in terms of size and weight.


Yes, I know that the iPad Pro has an A10X processor , which is smaller and more powerful than ever in terms of device technology. I also know that iOS is optimized to work perfectly with Apple chips, but even if we open the hood of any laptop of the same price of an iPad Pro we will see that as for RAM or processor , we will find something more powerful. That is the raw and undeniable reality.


You may use your laptop to surf the internet and the office, in that case could come to understand that migrate to an iPad Pro, but at the time when your profession involves an intensive retouching of photographs, digital edition , Calculation of structures or 3D design or simply an advanced use of Excel, you fall short. Just as there are millions of Apps in the App Store, there is nothing that has the possibilities of Auto CAD, Photoshop or Excel for computer .

The same thing happens if you are a gamer : although there is a wide catalog in the App Store, the main games that exist for PC platform are not going to find them, and if they exist, the version will be much lighter.


I can not get enough of saying, How much does it cost to put a mouse? If I have to spend 8 hours to be in front of a computer, its touch screen is fine, but for work there is nothing like a mouse. Android already allows, so we do not understand that Apple has not yet taken the step.

Repair and updates

Suppose that one day you find that your laptop is short on RAM or storage, what do you do? If you're a little handy, you know that buying a RAM or an SSD disk and mounting it is quite affordable task , as could be said of a thorough cleaning of its interior. However, this is unimaginable on an iPad ... where we have no choice but to go to the technical service for any failure or just assume that we have fallen short and go thinking to buy another.


Let's face it: the iPad Pro is wonderful, but not cheap . For those almost one thousand euros you can buy laptops that comply with the previous sections. You could think of forgiving them if the cost were much lower, but we insist, they are almost a thousand euros and that weighs.

And you, have you migrated from your laptop to an iPad Pro and want to tell us about your experience?

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