Id marking the funeral of the iPhone in your calendar -


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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Id marking the funeral of the iPhone in your calendar

Technology, like our life, is constantly changing to adapt to the obstacles that are emerging. We need devices capable of overcoming the challenges that the future has prepared for us , and for that, we must always be thinking not only of the now, but also of what may happen in the future. Especially if you work in a company like Apple, where innovation is the order of the day.

And of course, if we talk about innovation, we can not leave behind patents. The idea from which all products are born, the seed of progress. Or, in this case, the first finger of earth in the tomb of what today is for us the latest in mobile technology, the iPhone. And, like everything else, Apple's phone line also has its expiration date , and the company wants to repeat the same coup that struck the first model ten years ago. Although, of course, they will not have anything easy, because in this, they already take them enough advantage.

Augmented reality will remove all the screens in our environment

These days a patent filed by Apple has been made public. In this case it seems to be an augmented reality viewer. The point is, we can not get an idea of ​​the scope of this technology. What today is relegated to many games like Pokémon GO, tomorrow could become the next great revolution in computing. And this is not something that only occurred to the Cupertino, but in Microsoft, for example, are also thinking of a future in which we can finally leave behind the screens . And this, of course, includes our beloved iPhone.

So, if you really want to imagine what the iPhone will be like in a decade, maybe you should get the idea that there may be no iPhone by then . After all, who needs to be limited to the screen of a small mobile when we can have all the information around us. Everything we need will be within our reach, and we will not have to depend on anything other than a viewer, at least in the beginning. For now, let's limit ourselves to see what the iPhone 8 holds for us, who knows, just give us a small sample of this future.

And you, how do you imagine technology in ten years?

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