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Thursday, 27 July 2017

If you like Queen, you can not miss the last of Siri

Who does not remember Queen? It was one of the soundtracks of youth and childhood for many of us . You may not even know who or what Queen is, in which case, either you are too young or you have lived under a stone for a long time. Whatever Queen has marked a whole generation with their music and there are still many fans who will not easily forget the band's philharmonia .

Queen's legacy remains alive, and is that even after so many years of her success and the death of her singer, Fredy Mercury, Queen's songs continue to be used in movies, commercials or anything that might have music . Even in many soccer games a song of this group is put at the end of the party.

And why is Queen news again? And why does this deserve to be on a page that is about Apple ? Very simple, this has to do with Apple.

Siri meets Queen

Surprising? Maybe, but neither is something new, we saw how Siri "sang" a song according to the phrase you said (nothing to do with the songs of Cortana), but this time reacts to the following sentence: " I see a little silhouette Of a man ".

Have you tried it yet? If the answer is yes and you have worked there are two possibilities: either you have lied or you are Americans. This "easter egg" only works when Siri is in the English language of the United States , does not recognize the phrase even in English of England.

What happens if we say the phrase? You will be surprised, but it is so. Siri will answer you by singing Queen's mythical song, Bohemian Rhapsody . How does Siri sound? For it does not make an interpretation to the level of Freddy Mercury, but it is grace that responds to a phrase like that.

This type of curiosity may not believe that they are so relevant as to notify everyone, but for Queen fans - who are not few - surely get a smile out of the face. Sure more than one of you is going to put Siri in English just to test it and see the live response.

Source | Mashable.com

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