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Thursday, 27 July 2017

If your iPhone gives you an error when you call from abroad, you can solve it

If you have ever traveled outside of your country, you may have come across a fairly common problem on your iPhone or iPad . Sometimes these two devices write the two words that nobody ever wants to see when we are taking a walk in the mountains or in a holiday home: No Service. This happens because for some reason, when arriving at the foreign country, the iPhone or iPad refuses to connect to the network of that country .

Fix the "No Service" Error

This message always appears when the iPhone can not connect to the network, or connects but can not access the Internet. Sometimes you may see the name of your phone company appear above to the left , but it disappears intermittently. As I said, this message affects iPad and iPhone alike. This error can be due to many factors that we can explore in the Apple help page , but before doing this, you should try this little trick .

Switch between 4G and 3G

Try, you do not lose anything and you may be surprised by the result. There are times when the 4G or LTE networks in the destination country do not work properly on your phone . To change it just go to the settings of your phone, "Mobile Data", "Options" and "Voice and Data", select 3G or 2G and try.

Doing this will solve any problem related to the 4G / LTE connection in the country, since sometimes the telephone company that we have contracted does not support the 4G in other countries and we do not realize until we leave the country. And this is not too great inconvenience in countries that still have data roaming since using 4G or 3G will cost us one kidney, but in all others it can be very annoying.

Undoubtedly, it is best to try, if we solve the problem with just changing from 4G to 3G, we will have a less concern . But if you do not do anything, you always have to read Apple's help and even call for service if it does not work (although you'll have a hard time if your phone is Service-Free).

Source | Cultofmac.com

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