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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Ignore the poor quality Wi-Fi, the best feature of iOS 11?

Maybe, if we have a fairly small data plan we do not think it's a really useful feature, but for those of us who are upset that a bad Wi-Fi connection totally blocks us Internet , we will love this new feature.

As I said, we can be connected to a Wi-Fi, however, have no connection. Of normal, the mobile takes that connection as the only valid one, which means that if it does not give us Internet we will not receive WhatsApps, nor we will be able to see our Facebook ... Basically they will stop working all the applications that require of the network .

New feature for iOS 11

The next iOS will be smart enough to disable the automatic connection. The same operating system will be able to detect when there is a problem connecting to a Wi-Fi network . In addition, you will check that an Internet connection is connected. In case you do not receive Internet signal, iOS will deactivate the automatic connection so as not to leave us without connection to the network in no time.

IOS 11 will be able to save the networks it knows to work properly. It will put a tag on the access points to which the mobile could connect but did not get an Internet response . Without a doubt a function that will be very useful for us to never run out of the internet and always be online.

The only problem with this new feature is: if for some reason, the Wi-Fi in your home stops working (company failure or failure), the phone will stop connecting automatically , so we must manually connect when The network works again.

Undoubtedly, iOS 11 is a great upgrade for the Cupertino giant's operating system. All of its new features are focused on improving the user experience , as well as other new features related to the day to day that once we start to use we will never be able to leave.

Source | Cultofmac.com

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