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Monday, 17 July 2017

Illi, the application of the week for iPhone and iPad

Once again, Apple has re-selected a new app of the week , and this time it's ' Illi ', a polished platform game and puzzles for iPhone and iPad.

" Incarnating the Illi creature, you will break through a world in which gravity follows you! The things you take for granted in your world are different here. Illi travels through portals and enters desert worlds to get the remaining light crystals. The Illi creature is able to fold the fabric of the world and make jumps that defy gravity. Each new world is unique and presents new mechanics, traps and obstacles, which will make each world a bigger and more difficult task than the previous one . "
Make your way to jumps through a world where gravity follows you with Illi

As you can see in the trailer, our creature is able to make jumps that will take you to other worlds , where we will notice how the difficulty will increase little by little.

With more than decent tactile controls and more than 170 missions spread over 60 totally different levels, Illi is presented as one of those perfect games to spend the dead moments of hot summer evenings.

Illi is available for free (until July 20) and is universal .

Illi (AppStore Link) Illi
Developer: Set Snail ApS 

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