In the near future, our iPhone will last longer -


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Friday, 7 July 2017

In the near future, our iPhone will last longer

There are times when the European Parliament is able to do really interesting things for the citizens of the member countries. If they are able to carry out the measures they have recently proposed regarding the life and repair of electronic devices , this could be one of those times. And the truth is that it would not hurt to have a little more controlled the issue of scheduled obsolescence, because it can become quite annoying.

The question is, manufacturers need their products to wear out, because only very few users would consider changing it . Therefore, they do not make use of certain materials or components, or use them in their proper measure, so that the devices have a useful life that allows the user to feel that he has amortized his purchase, and that at the same time maintains that dependence with the brand. The problem is that certain companies are going through too much .

Will it benefit us or will companies find a way to hurt us?

Some companies are choosing to manufacture their products so they already know when they will stop working properly. This is what the European Parliament wants to avoid, and for that reason, a series of measures has been proposed to force companies to maintain standards of resistance and reparability . Some of these measures are, for example, to establish a minimum of resistance for the devices, or that the batteries and the screens are not completely fixed to the rest of the components.

In this way, they not only want the minimum quality of the products for which we pay so much, but also want to give users the option to repair their device without having to resort to official methods , which are usually quite expensive in In the event that our device ceases to be under warranty. Let us hope, as I said at the beginning, that these measures reach somewhere, and do not remain in a simple draft.

Via | Android Police

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