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Monday, 31 July 2017

IOS 11: How iPad Multitasking Will Change Your Life

IPad users who install iOS 11 in September will be able to tinker with the future of multitasking on mobile devices. Apple has introduced some very interesting improvements in multitasking .

Until now, multitasking only offered three features: Slide Over , Split View and Picture-in-Picture . Slide Over is a way to open an application on one side without leaving what you were doing, Split View allows you to interact with two apps on split screen and Picture-in-Picture is for playing video while doing other actions in the background.

Now with iOS 11, Apple has incorporated three new elements into the multitasking: the Dock, the App Switcher and the drag-and-drop feature.


In iOS 11 the Dock appears when you slide your finger up from the bottom of the user interface. Among the most interesting new features of the Dock, we find that it can invoke the Split View and Slide Over functions by means of tactile gestures. That is, keeping your finger pressed on an app in the Dock and moving it towards the top.

In addition, the iPad Dock will allow up to 15 applications to be included in iOS 11 . Something that is appreciated, and much. We had been asking for it for a long time!

Drag and drop

Thanks to the implementation of drag and drop users will have the opportunity to move text, images, videos and even files from one application to another with a simple gesture of their fingers on the screen. It is really useful, and will improve the productivity of multitasking for iPad.

App Switcher

On the other hand we have the changes introduced in App Switcher, you know, the user interface dedicated to multitasking open applications. In the App Switcher, both the Control Center and the Dock now appear , so users can interact with more content at the same time.

In addition, the iOS 11 multitasking has greatly improved the user experience of Split View and Split Over functions. And is that previously, with iOS 9 and with iOS 10, the process to change from one application to another was somewhat uncomfortable and very convoluted. What do you think about these benefits? Do you usually use multitasking on your iPad? What do the changes look like?

Via | MacWorld

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