IOS will receive a new emoji thanks to a young muslim -


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Sunday, 23 July 2017

IOS will receive a new emoji thanks to a young muslim

Emojis have played an important role in the new technologies, and in the forms of communication that have emerged from them. In fact, it is very possible that these emoticons, which have been accompanying us for two decades , have managed to form an own method of communication, one that is perfect to express our emotions and feelings with increasing accuracy.

But for this to work properly, Unicode, the institution currently responsible for the control and implementation of these universal icons, should try to represent all the collectives present in the world and their unique cultural aspects . And now the time has come for Muslim women to join the repertoire, all thanks to the insistence of a 16-year-old girl.

Unicode wants everyone to be represented in their ideal world of emojis

Rayouf Alhumedhi is a girl who lives in Germany, but whose family comes from Saudi Arabia. Following the mandates of her religion, the young woman takes the hijab, for that very reason, when trying to use the emoji to talk to her friends in WhatsApp did not know how to represent. Seeing this, it occurred to him to go to Unicode and to propose the inclusion of a new emoticon of a woman in this dress. And the institution attended its interesting and important request.

After some time, and after the members of the organization showed their interest in the proposal, we have been able to see the results of Rayouf's efforts. From now on, this new emoji is part of the tenth version of Unicode , and in the coming months, presumably with iOS 11, will reach all Apple devices. Thanks to this, more than 550 million women will finally be part of this communication revolution that are the emoji.

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