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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

IPhone 8 mirror effect yes, but that does not scratch like the Jet Black

A few days ago, we shared with you the colors that would bring the next iPhone 8. From the classic designs, one that many will remember the iPod models. A mirror effect housing that will undoubtedly delight many users around the world, at least if it manages to avoid the "microabrasions" we so little like the iPhone 7 Jet Black . Luckily for us, it seems Apple has it all figured out.

One of the latest patents published by Apple, comments on the existence of this new finish. And it also explains certain features of this as well as the durability of the material . Of course, if they manage to keep it intact for a reasonable time, they have managed to convince a handful of users who are guided by the design of the phones when thinking about their acquisition.

And is that the most relevant problem of the iPhone 7, is perhaps one of the most absurd to date: its casing, or, to be more exact, the Jet Black model. When Apple made the presentation of this model last year, we were all amazed by the beauty of this specimen. But, as we all imagined, that shiny black had a price, that of not being able to touch it if we do not want scratches to appear on it.

Two types of technology designed to make the next iPhones as shiny and resilient

CNBC commented that the new mirror finish would consist of two distinct layers . First, we would find the housing itself, with its own reflective finish. A translucent layer would be applied above, which would protect the casing without it being perceptible to the user.

On the other hand, you can also find another patent that speaks of a casing made from materials such as zirconia . This would offer a greater resistance than the materials present in the previous models of the telephone, however, would require a new production process that would take into account the hardness of these materials. Of course, this would greatly increase the manufacturing cost, which would leave us with a price even higher than the 1200 dollars already mentioned in other articles.

And you, do you think the iPhone 8 will dazzle even more than the iPhone 7 Jet Black?

Via | 9to5Mac

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