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Friday, 14 July 2017

IPhone 8 will be available in four colors, plus a choice of glass

Apple's next-generation smartphone, the iPhone 8, is expected to have fewer colors than usual to maintain product identity.

According to Benjamin Geskin, iPhone 8 will appear as a mirror-like back cover. It makes the device look like the back cover of the iPods, but the glass coating will be wrapped from the edge of the screen to the stainless steel bezel.

Meanwhile, analyst Ming- Chi Kuo said that Apple will bring less color choices than normal for the iPhone 8, in order to maintain the fashion features of the product. Apple's smartphones now come in five colors - gloss black, gold, silver, gold and yellow.

The 10th generation iPhone comes with a lot of black models, a few white ones. If Geskin's prediction is true, in addition to the new mirror, the iPhone 8 will come in a different color, be it yellow or pink. It does not rule out the possibility that glossy black is also a mirror color.

Earlier reports said Apple's new mobile could remove the fingerprint sensor to replace it with 3D face recognition. This denied rumors that the iPhone 8 would put the Touch ID on the screen or the back of the phone.

The most talked about is that Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone will use an OLED display instead of LCD technology, and no Home button. Analysts have made good comments on the sales of this product, although US technology companies may be having trouble getting enough of them.

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