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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Is Apple creating an augmented reality glasses?

Apple has long been interested in augmented reality for a long time. Maybe since the success of Pokémon GO , or maybe sooner. In fact, in the last WWDC June 17 that took place at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, the apple bite company showed all the augmented reality news incorporated in the iPhone and iPad thanks to the ARKit development platform For iOS 11.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, thinks that augmented reality has great potential to change people's lives just as the iPhone did in its day. We've been getting rumors about the development of augmented reality glasses from Apple. And now, it seems that his plans are on course.

A new patent from Apple has been released today, and reveals a device in the form of augmented reality glasses with "touch" functions that could be adapted to a smartphone display.

This could be Apple's new augmented reality glasses

The Apple patent describes how the technology could be very useful for glasses and smartphones, noting that the device is "particularly useful when using a device adapted to fit the camera and the screen."

However, this patent indicates that users could not use the tactile functions of augmented reality glasses as we do on the iPhone today. Be that as it may, the camera that captures images of the environment in real life can be used to detect images of the position of the user's finger.

These detected images could be equivalent to the points where the user would like to use tactile functions.

The patent we shared was requested in April 2017, and has been approved and published today . The development of these augmented reality glasses could be carried out by Metaio, which was acquired by Apple in 2015. Do you think Apple will soon launch a product like this? Does Augmented Reality fit into Apple devices? We hope your opinion!

Source | Daily Mail

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